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      作者: 沈陽蓄電池研究所新聞中心 來源:行業發展部


      Lead Acid Battery Branch of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association




      Lead Acid Battery Branch of Electrical Equipment Industry Association (CEEIA) was formed in 1987. In the past three decades and more, it has made great contributions to the development of lead-acid battery industry in China. With the national macroscopic adjustment and organization structure reform, the state has transferred some government functions to professional associations,and thereby the associations become a link and bridge between enterprises and government, and play an important role in the cause of establishing socialism with Chinese characteristic.The Lead Acid Battery Branch of CEEIA is a nationwide social organization consisting of battery manufacturers, scientific and research institutes, design units, universities as well as battrey engineering suppliers participated on equality and voluntary basis. It has independent legal person qualifications.The missions of the association: abide by the state laws, regulations and relevant policies, stand for and safeguard the common interests throughout the industry, under the guidance of the government and competent authorities, make efforts to serve members and the industry, play the role of bridge and link between government and members, and make great contributions for vigorous development of lead-acid battery industry in the country.Main tasks: investigate the current state and development trends of the battery industry; report the requirements of enterprises in the industry to the government; execute commisions for the government; make a suggestion on the  development programme of the industry; promote implementing technical standards of the industry; propose measures to monitor the product quality; organize information and statistics of the industry; organize exchage experience in the fields of technology, economy, quality, marketing as well as managing, etc.,provide consultancy service, open up markets both at home and abroad; strengthen self-restraint in the industry; professional training and hold battery product exhibitions.